to get your work on our walls
While we are always looking for new works to adorn our walls, we ned to make sure, for both our sakes, that the art is conducive to our atmosphere and vice versa. Therefore, before you contact us, we ask that you first check out the space and make sure you have enough work to sufficiently and effectively fill it. Next, send us an email introducing yourself and your work with either some sample .jpg's or a link to your work via the email address below. If we feel we can help each other, we'll contact you with further details.

In addition to our delicious food and beverage selection, we proudly display the works of various artists, local and otherwise. These works are available for patrons to buy or admire while enjoying a nice cup of tea or a fresh panini. Every month or so, we feature a brand new collection from a different artist or group, doing our part to help connect beautiful and inspired art with those that truly appreciate it.